Industrial Vacs For Professional Drain Cleaning

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Industrial Vacs For Professional Drain Cleaning

Industrial Vacs For Professional Drain Cleaning


Spring is a busy time of year. Tons of residential and commercial maintenance tasks can fill up your hours after a long winter. Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John knows how essential professional drain cleaning is to the health and well being of your home, business, road and more! Heavy winds, melting debris and spring runoff often carry a tremendous amount of sediment, twigs, branches, leaves, pine and fir needles and a host of other organic items to create clogs. It does not take long for items to accumulate and cause a backup. Water damage can occur with a variety of other unwelcome problems. We have the hydrovac equipment to complete any job!

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Professional Drain Cleaning With Northern Vac Services


Your sewer drain needs attention this time of year. Snow removal all winter can accidentally drag items including rocks, branches, copious amounts of sand and the like into your storm drain area, impeding capacity. Our industrial vacs can take care of wet and dry debris easily and efficiently. Let’s face it, drains are often subject to many gross items. It doesn’t take long before hair, food waste, grease, etc. to build up and potentially cause a backlog. How would your business or home handle not being able to use the bathroom? Avoid a preventable shut down with proper drain cleaning and maintenance. We can even set up a scheduled service if you require regular cleaning.



Septic Tanks & Professional Drain Cleaning


Our friendly and experienced crew has the equipment you need to access tight spaces with limited access. If your septic tank is ready for a spring clean, we have you covered! Our professional drain cleaning services are ideal for any application. Residential, commercial, industrial and institutional, Northern Vac Services is your first and last call! If you have recently purchased a new property that is on a septic field, it is highly recommended that you clean out your tank if you don’t know when the last service was completed. Being proactive can help prevent dangerous bacteria and yucky items from entering your home or business. We are available 24/7, 365 in the event of any emergencies too!

Industrial Vacs For Restaurant Grease Traps


Drains are delicate; however, we often take them for granted. Help your livelihood stay on track by committing to a regular cleaning maintenance schedule to prevent emergencies. Relying on temporary fixes or your trusted drain snake is not going to solve the problem. Keeping your pipes and drains clear and functioning at their maximum capacity is essential.


Car Wash Clean Out Time!


If your commercial business relies on high-pressure cleaning services, such as a carwash, we’d be happy to remove the grimy accumulations that come with the territory. Ensure your business remains in top-notch shape by completing professional drain cleaning on a regular basis. Our combo vacs, hydrovac and vac trucks can safely and effectively remove any debris from your residential, commercial, industrial or institutional space.

Industrial Vacs Simplify Spring Cleaning

We can help you minimize the potential of flooding and water damage by helping you remain clear and clog-free! From grease to gravel and every organic debris in between, we have your back! We look forward to meeting you on-site at your earliest convenience. Happy Spring!

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