Are Septic Services On Your Spring Maintenance List This Year?

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Are Septic Services On Your Spring Maintenance List This Year?

Are Septic Services On Your Spring Maintenance List This Year?


We are just as thrilled that Spring has finally arrived as you are! While you may already have tackled the garage and began an epic Spring cleaning/donating/junking session, Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John reminds clients not to forget about their precious septic tank.

Our devoted crew can help you ensure your septic field is in top-notch shape for years to come. Let’s face it; your septic field is involved with every toilet flush, shower and bath, dishwasher, washing machine drainage and active household drain. Your daily life dramatically depends on this entire system functioning optimally. Neglecting your septic tank maintenance can lead to a host of expensive repairs and downright stinky problems.

Spring Is Ideal For Starting Fresh

Depending on the size of your family and how big your septic system is and the condition everything is in, will determine how often you will need to book a septic tank cleaning and inspection. Young families, for example, will obviously experience an increase in usage once toddlers are out of diapers and using the facilities themselves.

Mid to late Spring is ideal as nothing is frozen any longer and the freshest runoff has typically subsided. However, we provide services whenever you require. On average, households typically pump their septic field every 1 to 2 years. If you use to consume more water, consider switching to an annual service. If you travel and are away tons without a live-in house-sitter, you may be able to spread it out a bit. Every house is unique.

Educating Your Household & Your Guests

Remind family members and visitors not to flush sanitary items, feminine hygiene products, condoms, Q-Tips, toys, hair elastics, baby wipes, paper towel or napkins down the toilet. These along with many common items, can easily get trapped and clog up your entire system. Dental floss is another huge no-no! These items can all cause your system to fail and lead to expensive repairs.

Know where all of your water shut off valves are located in the bathrooms and laundry room in case of an emergency. If your septic system has an alarm, familiarize yourself with the sound and how to reset it in the event that it becomes triggered. Call Northern Vac Services today to schedule your septic pumping. We are happy to walk you through your specific system and answer any questions or concerns.

New Homeowner Recommendations

Some people keep immaculate home maintenance records on file for easy reference. However, if you have recently purchased a property and have no idea when the last septic pumping was completed, we recommend booking an inspection and pumping. Sometimes, neighbours can be helpful as many people book their septic services around the same time. If you don’t have any clue, we recommend not taking any chances. If your home was previously a rental and you don’t have any information from the previous homeowner or realtor, we are happy to come out and provide our professional opinion.

Septic Tank Inspection

Brutal northern winters can take their toll on your septic field and may lead to cracked lids, broken pipes and caps or damage underground that you can’t see. It is essential to know if your septic field is in good shape and providing adequate drainage away from your foundation. Standing water, poor drainage, frequent plugging drains and sewage smells are all issues not to ignore. Septic tank filters benefit from regular changing. Some homeowners prefer to do this as part of their annual Spring maintenance, while others people prefer us to do it at the time of their septic pumping.

Mind Your Garbage Disposal & Water Consumption

While there is beneficial bacteria present in your septic system naturally that will help break solids down, it is crucial to try and avoid adding excess solids wherever possible. It is estimated that households that use their garbage disposal often, may take up as much as 50% of their available space, compared to houses without. Becoming conscious of water usage and what is going down your drains can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Book Your Septic Field Cleaning With Northern Vac Services Today!

If you happen to know where your septic tank lid is and wish to partially dig it up prior to our arrival, that is always super helpful. Some clients have no clue where their septic tank is located and this is completely common. Try to phone the City and see if they have your property mapped out. Note that older homes may not have this information on file. If you have no idea, don’t sweat it! We can put our detective hats on and help you sort it out. Consider using flagging tape, a coloured, painted rock or some fence marking can help you remember where it is in the future!

Contact Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John for your septic tank needs. We look forward to helping you complete your Spring cleaning!