Why Everyone Can Benefit from Professional Drain Cleaning Services

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Why Everyone Can Benefit from Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Why Everyone Can Benefit from Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Residential and commercial clients alike can run into drain issues that may quickly become destructive and costly. Ignoring your restaurant’s grease traps, your septic field or the culverts along your property perimeter can have disastrous results on your ability to access an area and even maintain your livelihood.

Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John wants to help you clear the way. Our vac trucks and professional crew can handle the worst clogs and amend your drainage concerns.

Avoid Detrimental Flooding

Groundwater resulting from snowmelt, frozen manholes and Spring run off can be catastrophic to your foundation, especially if your building is in an area recently affected by forest fires or excessive urbanization. The removal of vital root systems leaves nothing to soak up the water. Properties that have never been affected by floods before are suddenly being inundated.

Long-standing water issues breed harsh black mold spores that can negatively impact the health and well-being of family, employees and even pets. Our professional and experienced team can help you clean up any large mess with our steaming services and combo vacs. No job is too big or too small for Northern Vac. Call us at the first sign of any blockage or drainage issue. Our fleet is available 24/7, 365 days a year!

Clear Those Culverts and Dismiss Mosquitoes & Detrimental Diseases

We all know that standing water within ditches or improper drainage can become a fierce breeding ground for nasty mosquitoes. Our professional and efficient team can pump out your culverts, ditches and drains to ensure the path of least resistance is maintained, enabling the aqua to flow freely away from your investment.

Protect your property and minimize your potential of welcoming West Nile and other mosquito or tick-related diseases. After all, the last thing you want to be doing over summer holidays is feeling sick or being up to your elbows in sludge. Our vac trucks can do the dirty work on your behalf in a fraction of the time!

Hairy Drains Smell and Look Disgusting

Even if you are proactive in disassembling your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room sinks, toilets or tubs to clear out debris as part of your regular maintenance, it doesn’t take long for copious amounts of bacteria to form. Human and pet hair easily become trapped just below the surface. It doesn’t take long for that rogue popcorn kernel, pieces of food, coffee grounds, etc. to become jammed and you get the picture… This is especially annoying when you are inviting company over for supper or are planning on being away on vacation! Professional drain cleaning may be your answer.

Contact Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John for your residential or commercial drain issues.