Hydrovac Simplifies Spring Post & Pile Digging 

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Hydrovac Simplifies Spring Post & Pile Digging 

Hydrovac Simplifies Spring Post & Pile Digging 


Making the most of spring and summer weather in Northern BC means planning outdoor projects with care. The best time to complete your digging projects is when the ground is damp and easily workable. Give yourself the best chance for residential, commercial and industrial success with Northern Vac’s hydrovac services, mobile concrete and aggregated delivery. One call does it all with our committed crew! Contact dispatch directly to obtain a quote on your next project.

Vac Trucks Simplify Fence Installations


Whether you live in the country on a sprawling acreage or are situated downtown with an abundance of traffic lanes nearby, fences are a top priority. In fact, they can influence your safety, home value, security and much more. Stop cursing the busy hustle and bustle and let our experienced and professional crew help you customize your space with a privacy fence you love. There are a variety of retaining walls, gabion cage fences and natural boulder options to consider.

Gone are the days of choosing between chain link or white picket fencing. Enjoy the flexibility of reflecting your personal style with practical and stylish fencing solutions. Whichever style you prefer, we can help you with construction components including industrial transportation services, digging post holes or pilings with hydrovac excavation, delivering aggregate for fill or drainage and much more. Contact us today for more information.

Traditionally, digging fence holes is a huge, tedious job that often delays many from initiating or completing their fencing project. Don’t let the labour and the rocks below the surface break your back! Call Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John instead and we’ll be happy to help. We’ve got the hydrovac excavation, mobile concrete delivery and aggregate solutions you need for your successful fence.


Gabion Aggregate Delivery - Fort St. John | Northern Vac Services


Hydrovac Post & Pile Digging Boosts Fencing Capacity


Instead of taking an entire summer to dig your holes by hand or the expense of renting a post hole digger auger over and over…consider having all of your holes installed in minimal time. Once you have your perimeter outlined, we can efficiently and safely dig out the required depth. We even offer mobile concrete delivery which can help you solidify your next step. We understand how vital securing your home, business or job site is.

Keeping young kids, family members, pets, staff and livestock secure is a 24/7 job. Avoid the potential for intruders on your property or loved ones wandering dangerously close to the road with your new fencing solutions.


Safety First! Locate Utility Lines Prior To Digging


It is never wise to assume where your utilities are running through your yard. Call before you dig! Contacting your city, municipality office or utility provider can take the guesswork out and leave you with a proper map to work with. Accidentally massacring your irrigation pipes, or landscaping tree roots is never a fun discovery either.

A little planning in advance can save you thousands of dollars and potentially your life. Many new homeowners don’t know where their septic tank is situated and this is a common issue. We recommend using fluorescent spray paint to mark your yard accordingly. It can be tricky to remember a year or two down the road where your septic, irrigation or utilities are situated. Some clients print off a yard map for themselves to keep with their home and yard history. This information can live in a filing cabinet or memory stick for future reference.


Northern Vac Services can help you tackle all your heavy, cumbersome spring projects. Equipped with all your hydrovac excavation requirements, we are ready to simplify your fence installation!