Northern Vac’s Mobile Concrete Services Save Time & Money

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Northern Vac’s Mobile Concrete Services Save Time & Money

Northern Vac’s Mobile Concrete Services Save Time & Money


Our team is happy to meet you on site with our mobile volumetric concrete mixers (our Reimer Ready-Mix Truck is photographed above). Customized to your specific requirements, including quantity and MPa, and enjoy the benefits of working with the freshest concrete every time. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to load and deliver a traditional batch from the plant. By the time you receive it, it has already lost maneuverability and started to degrade.

Northern Vac Services promptly serves Fort St. John and surrounding communities. Call us today at 250-785-5435 to book our mobile concrete services and enjoy uniform quality batches at your exact quantity specifications.

Northern Vac Services: Your Mobile Concrete Specialists

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience our mobile concrete mixers services provide during the spring and summer months. Alongside high strength concrete, Northern Vac Services proudly offers controlled density backfill, fillcrete and medium strength mixes. One call does it all!

We can take care of your on-site concrete requirements. From flowable fill, overlay, rapid setting, and Roller Packed RCC, we have the options you need. The benefits of mobile mixers are far and wide. Call our Fort St. John office today to schedule your delivery.

Only Pay For What You Use!

Skip the messy calculations and feel confident never paying for unused concrete ever again. Northern Vac Services does not charge any under load fees or have a minimum load size at this time. Our highly qualified technicians are well versed in controlling all aspects regarding concrete production and delivery.

We take pride in our ability to deliver the exact amount of fresh concrete every time. Let us help you pour that new retaining wall, patio, water feature, sidewalk, pool or foundation this Spring!

Stay In Control Of Project Timing

Concrete is a vital aspect for every construction project. Northern Vac Services shows up on time and even smiling! Our friendly and professional crew can help you seamlessly cross the concrete jobs off your list. Enjoy the perfect timing for every pour. We can help you stick to your budget and your schedule.

Leave the Clean Up to Us!

Possibly one of the best benefits of working with a reliable and competent crew is that we clean up after ourselves! We understand how vital it is to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. Adequate ventilation is essential around any concrete work. Our team maintains our equipment and ensures your site is clean once we leave. Experience the difference of working with a knowledgeable and courteous crew. We look forward to working with you soon!

Contact Northern Vac Services for your customized mobile volumetric concrete mixers.