How Hydrovacs Assist in Oilfield Hauling  

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How Hydrovacs Assist in Oilfield Hauling  

How Hydrovacs Assist in Oilfield Hauling  

Oil and gas are known for being hazardous, that’s why it’s vitally important when oilfield hauling is done it’s done so safely. Both of these resources are crucial to many different applications from the gasoline industry to heating homes. The pipelines that run oil and gas to many different places in Canada need to be properly maintained to keep these applications goingBoth resources are multi-million dollar industries and issues with these pipelines can cause serious environmental damage if not kept safe and in good condition.  

One of the first ways these industries keep these pipelines safe is by exposing them to daylight. Because of how the pipelines are set up, excavating them to perform upkeep is incredibly dangerous. That’s why using hydrovac vehicles is the best way to do it. It requires minimal excavation, digging, and loosening of the ground’s surface so it has the least amount of impact on the environment. 

Oilfield Hauling: How Hydrovac Vehicles Perform Maintenance 

When regular maintenance is being done on the pipes, traditional methods of excavating the ground could risk damaging the pipes to expose them. Hydrovac trucks use high-pressure jets of water that are highly accurate to precisely dig up the area around the pipes. This helps not only do scheduled maintenance but also reduce environmental destruction when fixing faulty pipes. 

Setting Up New Pipelines 

When setting up new pipelines, the old ones still need to be exposed. Through the precise waterjet stream from hydrovac vehicles only a small amount of disruption to the ground is involved. These vehicles then create the according trenches to put the new pipelines in. Hydrovacs also help to clean the pits and trenches so that pipes can be laid even easier. 

Oilfield refinery ready for hydrovac truck

Construction Projects 

Hydrovac trucks also have the flexibility to create trenches for the foundations of buildings and other construction projects. Because these facilities are often built over existing oil and gas hookups it’s important to be cautious when excavating the area. The accuracy of hydrovac vehicles definitely lends to these tasks. Specifically, they can help in slot trenching and potholing. 

You can save money and time on your next project due to the abilities and services hydrovac trucks offer, for not only oilfield hauling but precision excavation. The same task that would take hours of expensive labour with traditional vehicles can be done significantly faster with hydrovacs.  



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