Why Using Industrial Hydrovacs for Municipalities Just Makes Sense

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Why Using Industrial Hydrovacs for Municipalities Just Makes Sense

Why Using Industrial Hydrovacs for Municipalities Just Makes Sense

Cities always have limited budgets to deal with maintenance costs, which is why any option that saves time and money is of immediate interest to them. One of the best options are industrial hydrovacs. These trucks are often chosen for daylighting due to their precision and ability to accurately excavate an area.  

Because of their dual combo of vacuuming and water jets, they are perfect for many municipal operations as we will detail below. 

Using an Industrial Hydrovac Reduces Labour Costs

Industrial hydrovacs reduce the need for additional labour, which in turn reduces costs. Traditional excavation for operations like daylighting often needs more than a few workers, whereas industrial hydrovacs can often be operated by one to two people.  

This method is also more efficient as waste and dirt from excavation is immediately sucked away from the powerful onboard vacuum. There isn’t any additional need for people to clear away debris or haul it away on a dump truck. 

They Are the Perfect Choice for Cleaning Storm Drains 

A functional and flowing sewage system is crucial for any city, but blockages do happen. Flooding can cause significant damage both from water, but also any chemicals within it as well. When floods or blockages do happen, even sewage treatment personnel can have a hard time clearing up blockages or build-up. 

That’s why industrial hydrovacs are perfect because they have high-velocity water jets to break up blockages and suck them into safe storage with their vacuum. This combo makes it easy for municipalities to deal with and reduces the danger of sewage workers cleaning up hazardous waste.  

Because the water from the nozzle can also be heated, industrial hydrovacs can also clean up blockages and storm drains during the winter with ease 

Blocked culvert under city road

Culvert Cleaning Is Simple With an Industrial Hydrovac 

Blocked or poorly draining culverts pose a significant problem to municipalities as well. Culverts are the ditches that run along or under roads to collect and drain away water. Although not typically as dangerous as blocked storm drains or sewage pipes, the rise of flooding they pose can cause high levels of property damage if not properly drained. 

Commonly, blocked or jammed culverts are most problematic in the early spring when snow is melting and flooding has the highest risk to occur. Using maintenance personnel is one common way to clean them out, but industrial hydrovacs offer a better solution. 

These trucks can efficiently and quickly clean up organic matter, dirt, and other debris to allow the culvert to flow freely once again. 

Industrial hydrovacs clearly offer many benefits to cities in both cleaning and clearing up drainage systems. They can be an efficient effective choice for many operations and ensure drains and other piping flow properly. 



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