Hydrovac Services Ideal For Tight Spaces

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Hydrovac Services Ideal For Tight Spaces

Hydrovac Services Ideal For Tight Spaces

Hydrovac operations are capable of completing more tasks than you might imagine. Northern Vac proudly offers hydrovac services for tight spaces. Having the ability to disturb less soil in comparison to traditional methods can easily enable narrow trenches to be dug. This is an ideal method for locating utilities or creating slot trenching for pipes small in diameter. Hydrovac services ideal for tight spaces include:

  • Pole drilling or pole setting
  • Narrow locations, laying pipe
  • Planting strips, irrigation
  • Potholing or exposing underground utilities
  • Cold weather excavation
  • Removing debris from manholes and existing infrastructure

Narrow Trenches For Spring Construction


Our friendly and experienced crew can help you dig alongside your neighbour without any issue. Residential and commercial applications may require utility upgrades, new fences, proper drainage or repairs to irrigation lines. Hydrovac services are ideal for tight spaces and are a part of our exceptional hyrdovac services to Fort St. John and the surrounding communities. We are on call 24/7 to help you clean up quick and remove any debris that is threatening your productivity. Injecting pressurized water into the soil and using a strong vacuum system to create a trench quickly and efficiently is useful for a variety of applications. Warmer spring temperatures can lead to flooding which can damage fence lines and cause culverts to overflow. Northern Vac Services can help you take care of your hydrovac needs on time and on budget.


Limited Backyard Spaces? No Problem!


Many residential and commercial locations seem to be closer than ever to their neighbours. Having to access items underground to lay the groundwork for some type of installation is essential. Northern Vac Services can help you complete the job within limited space. Call us for a free quote today and we can give you an accurate estimate. New construction and properties wishing to tie into existing services can greatly benefit from the compact capacity offered with our hydrovac services. Being able to excavate in a congested location has never been easier when you work with our experienced crew!


Controlled Excavation


Being able to complete large jobs during inclement weather is helpful during cold weather excavation. Limiting the amount of time people are exposed to really low or extremely hot temperatures is beneficial. Contact Northern Vac Services for your next residential, commercial, industrial or institutional hydrovac excavation.

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Northern Vac Services Can Help You Clear Out This Spring!


Winter debris can wreak havoc on drains, ditches, and culverts. If the spring thaw brings you more than you bargained for in terms of branches, mud and organic matter, our team can help! Avoid potential flooding by ensuring your spillways are clean and ready to keep water diverting away from your home or business.We look forward to meeting you on site and helping you complete your goals. On call 24/7, 365, our team is ready to help you clear the way and get back on track! Call dispatch at 250-785-5435 today to get started.

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