Environmental Remediation and Contaminated Soil Removal & Hauling

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Environmental Remediation and Contaminated Soil Removal & Hauling

Environmental Remediation and Contaminated Soil Removal & Hauling

Environmental remediation is the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental components such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water. Remedial action is generally subject to an array of regulatory requirements put in place by the government and involves a number of stakeholders including landowners, developers, provincial law makers, ministry staff, approved professionals, environmental consultants, lawyers, local governments and scientific experts.

A site that experiences any form of environmental pollution is a complex problem. Contaminated sites are a concern because they can pose a threat to human health, the environment and safety. The effects of contaminants on humans can range from minor physical symptoms to life-threatening diseases. Environmental hazards can occur on land and in the water and have the potential to harm not just the land or water it is taking place in, but the wildlife in that area as well.

Northern Vac Services has a fleet of vacuum trucks and box trucks that are needed to help clean up and remove contaminated soil and water and return the land to its original condition. We also have the training and knowledge of the strict environmental protection laws put in place by the government, so that we can ensure that environmental remediation is completed with government standards in mind.

You can count on Northern Vac for all of your land or water waste transportation needs. Some of our remediation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Site excavation
  • Contaminated soil removal
  • Contaminated water removal
  • Contaminated soil transportation
  • Contaminated water transportation
  • Contaminated soil disposal
  • Contaminated water disposal

Northern Vac Services is your environmental remediation expert in the Peace River region of British Columbia including Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Chetwynd, Tumbler Ridge, Taylor, Hudson’s Hope and Pouce Coupe.