COVID-19 Health and Safety Announcement

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COVID-19 Health and Safety Announcement

COVID-19 Health and Safety Announcement

Northern Vac Services values providing safe use of our services. These are, and will continue to be, challenging days. As such, we are taking several steps to minimize the chances of exposure to the virus in order to protect everyone and keep both our employees and clients safe. 

Following the advice being given by BC’s Provincial Medical Health Officer, we are doing the following to help reduce the spread of employee-to-employee contact with COVID-19: 

1. Requiring all employees who are ill to stay at home – especially if they have cold or flu-like symptoms, fever, cough, sore throat,  or shortness of breath.


If employees believe they have been in contact with COVID-19 they are required to follow Provincial Health directions by staying at home and calling *811 to report their condition. They are also required to contact their supervisor to let them know about their condition.


2. Using social distancing methods between employees as well as between drivers and clients.


Examples include:

  • Filling out paperwork in the trucks and not at the coffee room table or dispatch widow.
  • Maintaining 6 ft of separation between workers at all times.
  • Shop personnel staying in their respective work areas for breaks.
  • Drivers/swampers not congregating in the common area.
  • Politely not shaking hands when greeting clients or when having paperwork signed.
  • Placing paperwork down and clients picking it up rather than passing it hand-to-hand.


3. Encouraging frequent hand washing and sanitizing by all employees particularly before touching their face.
  • Hand washing for 20 seconds minimum each occurrence.
  • Covering their hands when touching common surfaces like doorknobs, coffee pots, and passing tools.
  • Smokers are being asked to use hand sanitizer or wipes to limit dirty hands coming in contact with their face/mouth


4. Protecting the cleanliness of workplaces through more frequent cleaning of common areas, work surfaces, trucks, and equipment.Examples include:

  • Wiping down bathroom surfaces before and after employees touch them.
  • Wiping down truck-cab surfaces between drivers are assigned to trucks.
  • Wiping down the dispatch office/sign-in computer.
5. Requiring all employees to report any international or domestic trips to their supervisor before departure.
6. All employees who left for international or domestic airline trips prior to the travel advisories will not be allowed to return to work for a minimum of 14 days after their return home, provided they do not show any symptoms. If they do, they will be required to report their symptoms and not return to work until cleared to do so.


7. All employees are being strongly encouraged to reconsider their international and domestic airline travel plans currently. This follows the advice of Provincial officials to reduce the likelihood of contracting the virus and to avoid being stranded due to travel restrictions elsewhere.


8. Employees who have booked but have not started international travel or domestic airline travel prior to the travel advisories are being strongly encouraged to reconsider their travel plans at this time.


9. Employees that have been in contact with family or friends who have or will travel outside of Canada or travel via domestic flights are getting in touch with their supervisor to discuss their return to work plans. Each of these instances will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Further preventative measures: These apply to all employees who have no reason to think they have contracted the virus.Employees are being told to:

  • Avoid lineups, busy places, buses, and large gatherings.
  • Minimize meals in confined rooms.
  • Avoid travel.
  • Not shake hands.
  • Bringing in their own lunch or buying it very selectively.
  • Not enter the shop for social gatherings unless a truck or parts are needed.

The office and shop will remain open for operations if it is reasonable and safe for employees

Info for employees at increased risk or are unsure of their wellbeing.If employees have any reason to think they may have contracted the virus, they are asked to take a cautious approach by asking themselves if:

  • They’ve travelled in the last 14 days?
  • They are sick?
  • They’ve been in direct contact with someone that has tested positive?
  • They’ve been in indirect contact with someone that has tested positive?

If the answer is yes to any of these, please refer to the info below.

If employees have any reason to be concerned they have contracted COVID-19.They are recommended to self-isolate for 14 days, or until their concerns are negated.

Being told to call the health link for more information at 811.

Being told to seek medical attention as directed by health care professionals. Things are very complicated right now, don’t get lost in the shuffle. Specific instructions for being tested can be found here.