Call On Northern Vac: We Are COR Safety Certified

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Call On Northern Vac: We Are COR Safety Certified

Call On Northern Vac: We Are COR Safety Certified

Northern Vac Services has operated out of Fort St John since 1968.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety. And we’re proud to say we’ve proved that our commitment to safety is more than just words.

One of those certifications is the Workplace Safety COR, known as the COR Safety certification.

What is COR Safety Certification?

COR stands for Certificate of Recognition. So, COR Safety is a certificate of recognition for safety in the workplace.

It’s for oil and gas companies that exceed industry standards in terms of their occupational health and safety policies, practices, and implementation.

Why is COR Safety Certification important?

Worksafe BC says the following about COR-certified companies:

COR-certified employers demonstrate leadership, commitment to continual improvement, and dedication to worker health and safety. Possessing a certificate of recognition demonstrates to your workers, your industry peers, and the public that you value a workplace that’s safe and secure from injury, illness, and disease. This commitment translates into a safer and healthier workforce and work environment, which helps ensure your workers go home safely every day.

In short, COR-certified companies want their workers to leave the workplace safely every day. The importance of worker safety in the oil patch really can’t be understated for them, their families, and society more broadly.

Folder for Occupational Health and Safety


Why choose COR certified companies?

COR certified companies come with a range of benefits, ranging from financial advantages right through to wider social benefits.

Benefits for you

Contracting COR-certified companies means you’re making the socially conscious choice. COR-certified companies also tend to provide higher-quality workmanship. The companies, like us, who seek these certifications are striving to be the best in the industry.

For Northern Vac Services, nothing less will do!

Benefits for us

For us, the certification means that we’re able to attract and retain high-quality employees who value safety. This comes with significant financial savings since our employees are less likely to suffer injuries in the workplace.

What does it take to get COR certified?

Companies must do the following to get COR certified:

  • Develop and implement an OHS system that meets BC’s standards;
  • Pass an audit with an overall score of 80% and a hurdle mark for every element of 50%.

The auditing process is quite stringent. It involves one-on-one interviews with all levels of management and workers, site visits, and a comprehensive review of key safety documents from the past year.

Companies must continue to pass the ongoing audits to maintain the certification. These happen at intervals of between 6 months to 3 years. The passing score is (at least) 60% overall.

You can read more about the COR Program in British Columbia here.

Call on Northern Vac Services

The health and safety of our workers is paramount at Northern Vac Services. We are honoured to have a positive influence on the Fort St. John community and all its residents.

Get in touch to find out more about our hauling and transport services, including waste transport and water delivery.

Choose industry leaders in safety. Choose Northern Vac.