Winter Safety Considerations for Industrial Transportation Services

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Winter Safety Considerations for Industrial Transportation Services

Winter Safety Considerations for Industrial Transportation Services

Safely traversing difficult temperatures and terrain during the winter can be tricky and downright dangerous. Northern Vac Services is one of many companies who are available 24/7 365. Proudly serving Fort St. John and surrounding communities, we understand how treacherous the roads can become and how vital your safety is. It is essential to ensure that our maintenance schedule is up to date with our fleet of industrial vacs, combo vac truck, hydrovac equipment to provide adequate industrial transportation services, fresh water hauling, mobile concrete, aggregate delivery and more!

Industrial Transportation Services In Frigid Temperatures

Communication with dispatch helps keep track of our crew to maintain everyone’s safety and well-being. It is important to log our locations and take the proper time considerations for travel to remote areas. Industrial transportation is required year-round by many of the industries we work with. Supplies need to be sent and shipped for oil & gas, mining, and construction. Freezing temperatures can make loading and unloading difficult. If one is not physically dressed and prepared for the weather, the risk of frostbite and the potential for slip and fall injuries increases. Not to mention the equipment and even consistency of the oil itself thickens and metal becomes brittle once the temperature plunges. It is essential to have the proper gloves and winter gear on at all times.

Keeping an extra set of wool socks handy and a survival candle and lighter in the glove box of any vehicle is wise. Having some water and dry snacks on hand like nuts and protein bars can be a life-saving measure. No one wants to have to spend the night outdoors in the middle of winter but dressing appropriately and being prepared in the event you have to can make all the difference.


Maintaining Balanced Loads In Slippery Conditions

Traversing winter highways that have been plowed and sanded is usually fine. However,  side roads, logging or forestry roads often required to arrive at remote access locations can be quite another story! Regardless of where we are delivering, Northern Vac Services is committed to completing the job safely and efficiently. It is vital to ensure that ice and snow are removed from the trailer, undercarriage and equipment to reduce weight and maintain maneuverability. Industrial transportation equipment needs to be parked on level ground prior to dumping loads or loading gear. Visual inspections are always a part of our day, especially during this grimy and icy time. Operators need to remain extra cautious when working around any truck or equipment to ensure they are stable and secure during slippery conditions.

Hydrovac Equipment Maintenance

Following a regular preventative maintenance schedule can help you keep track of oil changes and make appropriate adjustments for the winter months. Things will still break and parts will still need to be ordered along the way as with most vehicles. Daily safety inspections are the best habit to start and end your shift with. Checking the tire pressure, the lift cylinders, brakes and suspension while ensuring that lubricated parts are properly greased can save you in the long run. After all, septic fields, restaurant grease traps and culverts require professional drain cleaning year round. We are committed to keeping our fleet safe and secure so that we are ready to roll when the job calls.

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