Safety Is First at Northern Vac Services

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Safety Is First at Northern Vac Services

Safety Is First at Northern Vac Services


Working around any type of industrial equipment requires consistent safety strategies for everyone’s health and well-being. Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John works with many dangerous industries including oil & gas plants, construction sites on a daily basis. Our team understands the importance of updated training procedures, clear communication and following updated safety policies to protect our crew and every member on the job site. With over three decades of experience proudly serving our community and surrounding areas. Some of the main health and safety organizations we are certified with include:

• WorkSafe BC
• Comply Works
• COR Workplace Safety
• ISNETworld
• Avetta (formerly PIC Auditing)

Some of the best safety procedures we follow include:

• Ongoing Health & Safety Training & Certification
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Concise Communication
• Logistics & Weather
• Safety Checklist


Health & Safety Training Saves Lives

It is essential for workers to know their rights in order to protect themselves. We are committed to providing on-going training including First Aid for our staff to ensure that everyone remains educated and up to date on workplace safety. Identifying potential hazards on-site prior to starting work is always a key preventative measure. As we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Northern Vac Services is often starting and ending our day with limited light and visibility. Due to the industrial nature of our equipment including hydrovac, straight vac, water delivery service, industrial transportation, combo vacs and more, it is essential that stringent safety procedures are committed to and practiced daily to ensure everyone comes home safely at the end of his or her shift. No deadline in the world is worth risking anyone’s life for. Being vigilant as industries update their policies is how we ensure our crew always has the latest safety information.

Respect Your PPE

It is vital for all workers to have the right Personal Protective Equipment or PPE worn at the job site and throughout the day. High visibility vests, steel toe footwear, hard hats, gloves, respirators, safety glasses and ear protection are just a few of the items we rely on every day. Alert meters are worn around specific oil & gas operations to detect lethal chemical exposure. It is important that safety gear fits correctly and that all members have been trained in preventative measures, First Aid and cleanup protocol. If you are wearing the wrong size in terms of hard hats and any gear, it may be useless in the event of a sudden issue.

Concise Communication Saves Lives

A huge component of a successful and safe workday includes accurate and reliable communication. Knowing what to expect and what to do if things don’t go as planned, for whatever reason, is paramount. Working in industries that deal with sour gas among other chemical hazards means that safety training has to be first and foremost to provide protection from potential chemical exposure. Working long hours and in harsh conditions is part of our day-to-day. We follow WorkSafe BC safety policies to keep our crews healthy and organized. Ensuring all of our handheld meters, radios and personal devices are adequately charged and ready to go is an integral part of our daily procedure.

Staying Safe: Logistics and Weather

The experienced and friendly team at Northern Vac Services commonly find ourselves outside and dealing with the elements. Weather patterns can sweep in and dramatically change a workplace situation. Taking note of overhead lines during industrial transport and the logistics of getting our team and our gear safely and securely from point A to point B is crucial to our overall success and wellbeing. Understanding what to potentially expect ahead of time, while we are on-site and what we will be dealing with weather-wise is part of our intricate safety planning procedures.


Safety Checklists

Having a safety checklist specific to certain jobs is a great way to help clients and our crews stay on top of safety procedures. Long days and fatigue are common culprits for work-related accidents. Having a concise checklist helps keep everyone on track and ensures nothing is missed.

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Our team is committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy. We look forward to discussing the logistics of your next project. Our fleet is equipped to handle all of your hydrovac/straight vac/combo vac requirements, mobile concrete delivery, water hauling essentials, industrial transportation and more!

Safety is first at Northern Vac Services. Contact dispatch to book your next job today!