HydroVac Services for Flooding: Drain & Culvert Cleaning

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HydroVac Services for Flooding: Drain & Culvert Cleaning

HydroVac Services for Flooding: Drain & Culvert Cleaning

It’s that time of year again! Spring has arrived and along with it we can expect warmer, sunnier days and melting snow. Flooding season is officially here! Frozen plumbing lines combine with frozen manholes can have catastrophic results. Homes and businesses commonly become backed up and water damage can occur.

Properties that have inadequate drainage or happen to be situated at the bottom of a hill or valley are even more susceptible. Thankfully, Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John has the experience and the equipment to handle all your drain cleaning and culvert cleaning requirements.

Proactive Draining Can Save Your Property

While it is easy to sit back and let Mother Nature have her way, our climate is changing. Clients are often surprised that they must remain vigilant throughout the spring thaw. Flooding is especially prevalent in communities who have been ravaged by wildfires. Our groundwater relies on trees and established root systems to soak up the excess. When vegetation is destroyed due to new developments or natural factors such as wildfire, the drainage is affected. This is why homes and businesses who have never before witnessed flooding are now experiencing the repercussions.

Our professional and reliable team can travel to your site and help you clear any blockages. Let us help you avoid making a costly insurance claim by fixing the issue before it spills over beyond repair. 

Hydrovac Services for Culverts & Drains 

Mud, organic debris, rocks and ice can all contribute to clogged drains. Water always takes the path of least resistance. If your home or business happens to be in the path, your health, wellbeing and financial security can be at risk. Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John is only a phone call away!

Our talented crew provides safe and efficient residential and commercial hydrovac services. Protect your family, your clients, your pets and your property from unhealthy moisture exposure. It doesn’t take long for mold spores to form and become airborne. Snowmelt, along with sitting or standing water needs a safe and proper place to go.

Community Safety Affects Us All

If your neighbour is downstream and busy sandbagging, you may think the issue doesn’t affect you. However, any property damage within your vicinity can negatively impact your property value and your peace of mind. Similarly, mold exposure isn’t good for anyone. Help yourself and your community stay safe this spring.

If you are travelling or going on vacation, be sure to let your close neighbours, friends or relatives know if you do not have a home security system that allows you to check in from afar. The key with water damage is fixing it as quickly as possible. Coming home from vacation to find burst pipes and standing water is a nightmare you can avoid with a reliable house-sitter or home security system.

Report any community flooding immediately and contact Northern Vac Services in Fort St. John, BC today at 250.785.5435!