How Using Hydro Excavation in Construction Can Make Building More Efficient

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How Using Hydro Excavation in Construction Can Make Building More Efficient

How Using Hydro Excavation in Construction Can Make Building More Efficient

There are a lot of different tools that go into making buildings to stand for the test of time, but one often overlooked tool is the vacuum truck. Perfect for a wide variety of sensitive digging operations, hydro vacuum trucks can perform hydro excavation in Fort St. John and really any other city. 

What is Hydro excavation? It’s the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. Hydro excavation is considered a form of non-destructive digging since the water and vacuum used to excavate doesn’t cause damage. Combo vacuum trucks also have the benefit of being able to suck up the removed soil as well to reduce backfilling during this process. 

Below we detail some of the best uses hydro vacuum trucks can provide. 

Using Hydro Excavation for Slot Trenching 

Slot trenching is the process of digging narrow trenches for the purpose of installing pipelines, cables, posts, and underground utilities. Because these need to be dug precisely, hydro excavation is a natural choice, especially for high-density areas or ones that are difficult to access. 

Additionally, hydro excavation done by vacuum trucks can also be done to a narrower width than conventional digging options. As a result, using a vacuum truck saves both time and money on these operations. 

Hydro excavation truck

Using Hydro Excavation for Installing Signs 

Once again, due to the precise tools hydro excavation offers, it’s also great for digging deep holes into the ground. Thus, it’s frequently used as a method for installing signs, utility poles, fence posts, and other objects that need to be placed into the ground at a certain depth. 

The ease of adjusting the size of the hole through hydro excavation often makes this method of excavation a frequent pick for installing signs and other types of poles. 

Using Hydro Excavation for Daylighting 

Finally, daylighting is one of the most popular uses of hydro excavation. Daylighting is an excavation technique that exposes existing underground utilities before beginning new infrastructure work or repairs on the aforementioneutilities. 

Because these lines or utilities like natural gas lines are often very sensitive, hydro excavation is the best possible choice since it can more precisely expose them.  

Traditional digging methods would have a much more challenging time exposing these lines safely and without any damage. 

Using a combo vacuum truck just makes sense for sensitive digging operations and construction projects. It’s non-destructive and handle can handle precise work quickly, efficiently, and effectively. 



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