Four Reasons Hydrovac Is The Best Environmentally Friendly Option For Your Site

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Four Reasons Hydrovac Is The Best Environmentally Friendly Option For Your Site

Four Reasons Hydrovac Is The Best Environmentally Friendly Option For Your Site


Hydrovac is not new to the market but many companies still opt for traditional methods of digging, excavation and waste removal. However, one wrong action in the process can lead to major environmental or infrastructure issues that are not only dangerous but can cost time and money to resolve. The hydrovac method is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and easily managed techniques to replace these traditional methods and it creates less mess and is extremely reliable. This method employs high-pressure water and industrial strength vacuums to uncover the underground assets without causing any disturbance to the surrounding areas and removes any risk of damage to the utility.  

More and more companies in both construction and the oil and gas sector are taking notice and shifting towards safer techniques of excavation and waste removal for their projects. When compared to the traditional ways of digging, this method of excavation offers many advantages.

In today’s blog we will cover some of the many reasons why this method has gained great traction over the last few decades and four reasons why hydrovac is your best environmentally friendly option for your site’s needs!

Line Locating

One of the biggest problems faced by our industry was the discovery of buried utility lines and excavating high pressure lines can be a disaster waiting to happen. Vacuum excavation has become the number one choice in recent years to increase worker safety and encourage non-destructive digging techniques. Unlike heavy equipment, such as excavators, the hydrovac does not damage the underground pipe or utility lines. The process is extremely precise and minimally disruptive to the environment, making it a safer alternative for all your line locating needs.

Contaminated Clean-up

Hazardous waste, fuel spills and contaminated soil can pose a problem on your site not only for the workers but for the environment as well. A Hydrovac provides an environmentally friendly solution for remediation using specialized techniques which many industries have come to rely on. These machine trucks do not disfavour any type of material or climate. They can remove any type of assets, wet or dry, from hard to reach underground places. Meaning they can extract any soil, sludge, spills, or debris from trenches, pits, and underground tanks. This makes them ideal for any clean-up task or natural disasters!

Environmental Reclamation

We only have one earth, so we have to take care of it, and when we leave a site, we want to leave it as close as it was when we arrived. Reclamation is necessary for the sustainability of our land and hydrovac is the best option to get you there! In Oil and Gas, once work has been completed, companies must return sites as close to the original state as possible. Our hydrovac offers the safest alternatives when it comes to restoring your site and achieving equivalent land use capabilities as to what existed before disturbance. Once we are done, no one will even know you were there.

Decommissioning Sites

With a large number of milestones and process checks, the final phase of a project is usually left as an afterthought. However, the aftermath of a construction site is detrimental to its success. The hydrovacs machine can complete any excavation project in a timely manner as it does not require much equipment or assembly. These trucks can fill and compact the soil and land, ridding the surface from any unwanted air pockets. Ultimately, bringing the area back to its normal form and ready to be used.

In our world today, it is important that we use environmentally conscious methods. Hydrovac excavation is more cost effective, minimizes pollution, is less timely and is ultimately a safer alternative to traditional methods. Whether it is a construction project, oilfield project or underground utility installation, you can hire us for your needs. Our trucks are handled by professional operators and are capable of handling high load capacities in any given project!