Daylighting: Underground Utility Exposure

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Daylighting: Underground Utility Exposure

Daylighting: Underground Utility Exposure


The exposure and uncovering of underground pipelines, utilities and cables to daylight is a term known as “daylighting.” Northern Vac Services offers hydrovac daylighting for a variety of projects. This safe and effective method costs less and offers more productivity compared to traditional digging and mechanical excavation. There is less risk for damaging infrastructure or rupturing pipes or lines with this non-destructive solution. Common daylighting applications include:


  • Utility and pipeline crossings
  • Test holes for directional drilling
  • Obtaining a visual for buried lines
  • U.E Test holes (Subsurface Utility Engineering)
  • Installation of sacrificial anodes


Daylighting Services for Adding Utilities To A Secondary Suite Or Dwelling


More people are choosing to maximize their property with secondary suites. Whether you are adding an in-law suite in the basement or building a separate carriage suite option or bonus room above the garage, there will be extra utilities to hook up for water, power and sewer. Clients love that our hydrovac capabilities can dig narrow trenches between homes and existing buildings. Not having to dig up your entire yard to access your priority points ensures less disruption for grass and existing landscaping. Hydrovac simplifies the process of exposing the pipes you need access to.


Utility Replacement & Repair With Daylighting


Traditional excavating with bobcats and similar heavy equipment can wreak havoc on your property and leave a muddy mess in its’ wake. The risk of using any excavator in a residential or commercial setting is high with overhanging roofs, foundations, fences, trees and a multitude of potential obstacles. Daylighting greatly reduces the potential for injury and allows quick and easy access to items damaged underground and for adding to existing infrastructure.


Northern Vac For All Of Your Industrial & Residential Hydrovac Needs

We proudly serve Fort St. John and the surrounding communities. Whether you require excavation for your oil field, mining or industrial application, basic residential or commercial repairs or installation of new lines, Northern Vac has the experienced hydrovac operators you need to succeed.


Daylighting For Flood Relief, Wildlife and More!


Urban planners all over the globe are utilizing this efficient and effective non-destructive method. Many underground rivers in Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America have been turned into sewers and culverts as cities have developed. Planners are opening up some of these buried waterways with daylighting to reveal gorgeous waterways to get back to nature. Animals including migratory birds are returning to these locations and flourishing. There are methods to use underground water storage to provide a cooling option for the urban heat island effect as well.


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We’d love to let you know if we can be of service for your next big project! Northern Vac can help you complete your work on time and on budget, safely and effectively. We are happy to meet you on-site to see what you have in mind. Let us help you simplify digging between narrow buildings to complete your residential or commercial upgrade or new installation. This is one of the best times of year to make hay while the sun shines!

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