Choosing the Right Gravel for Your Construction Project

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Choosing the Right Gravel for Your Construction Project

Choosing the Right Gravel for Your Construction Project

Different kinds of stone will always have their uses, especially gravel. Today, gravel is used in many different ways, driveways, paths, and occasionally getting sucked up by a combo vac truck for daylighting.

We explore the many uses for gravel and the best types you should consider for each use below.

Digging Flower Beds With a Combo Vac Truck and Placing Gravel for Gardens

Gravel can be a more effective mulch, than well, mulch in some cases around trees. This is because it helps prevent evaporation from the wind ensuring the maximal amount of water is reaching your plants and trees. In addition, gravel also doesn’t move as much by wind as regular mulch.

When you’re digging up the dirt with a combo vac truck, place gravel that is medium-sized and greater than a ¼ inch in diameter around trees and all-purpose gravel 3/8 in diameter around plants.

Using Gravel for Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are a perfect way to add a garden feature to a home and tend to be easier to maintain as well. They work best with larger gravel pieces since they tend to complement other boulders and large rocks in your garden better. Use 1-1 ½ inch gravel in diameter for the best results.

Gravel drainage system

Using Gravel for Drainage

In the absence of roof gutters, a popular alternative for people is using gravel around the edge of their home. This prevents storm water from splashing against the side of their home. Crushed granite stone is best for this use, particularly with a diameter of ¾ inch.

How to Make a Gravel Driveway

Finally, gravel driveways are one of the most popular uses for gravel. Plus, it’s also a highly affordable solution that can be a great alternative to concrete or asphalt driveways. To provide even more traction, concrete can even be added to a crushed gravel mixture.

Typically, a driveway will need several layers of different types of gravel to provide enough stability and traction. For the best results use man-made rock gravel since the pieces bind together for even more stability.

There are clearly many functional and decorative uses of gravel as we’ve demonstrated. Gravel is an affordable solution for many people that can both look great and serve a purpose in many homes.



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